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Elbow Butter

11.24.09 | 2 Comments

This pretty much sums up everything I don’t like about cooking and baking:


Not to mention that this time of year, hot water usage comes down to: shower or sink? Given that I usually opt for the hot shower, doing the dishes becomes a numbing chore in the literal and figurative sense. But if dishes go uncleaned overnight and no one’s around, are they still dirty…?


Getting wet flour off my counter is almost as hard as getting my kids to pay attention. [Though George did suggest that if the students aren’t willing to listen, I might as well make them useful and put them to manual labor around my house. Today’s lesson: Idioms— first, elbow grease!]

This whole week is an exercise in planning and doing ahead. Since I don’t have a car, I can only buy as many groceries as I can carry, so every day I’m filling my backpack with butter, flour, milk, sugar, butter.

Oh, did I say butter already? Because I have six sticks in my fridge and four more already mixed into doughs.


On the left is clearly chocolate chip cookie dough. Because I’m such a good person and a nice teacher, I decided to make my favorite class (which happens to fall on a Thursday) cookies to get me in the holiday spirit. On the right is some pie dough for the soon-to-be pumpkin pie. But since the pie will only be single crust, I’ve got half the recipe left over. Well, I mean, had. Can you tell that one of the balls (bag on the right) is smaller than the other?


Yeah, I don’t know what happened. I certainly didn’t stand in my kitchen eating extra butter-y pie dough rolled in extra sugar. That’s just not something I would do.

I also didn’t sneak any of the chocolate chip cookie dough after I got back from the gym.

I also didn’t discover this piece of ginger so old that it had white mold and felt like a sponge, not a root.



But now, readers, I call out to you for help. I’m making a cornbread dressing/stuffing with bacon, dried fruit, celery, onion, pecans, etc., but the recipe calls for equal parts cornbread and another bread. White bread is out (the Chinese don’t know how to make Western-style bread), and a cornbread-mantou stuffing seems doomed to fail.

So help a sister out with a red wire-blue wire question: cornbread-buttermilk biscuit OR cornbread-Challah?

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