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On Lady Gaga and Enlightenment

05.20.10 | 3 Comments

Since my brain has been bled pretty dry in terms of lesson plan ideas, I had my kids make dialogues in class today. Little did I know it was time for the teacher to become the student. In three separate dialogues, the kids exclaimed, “Oh my Lady Gaga!” This is new, red hot catch phrase is apparently synonymous with “Oh my God.” Can I use that in an example sentence to reinforce comprehension?

Oh my Lady Gaga, Becky, look at her butt. It is soooo big.

And in class yesterday I had my kids writing letters to Dear Abby asking for advice. One student wrote a letter saying: Now that the weather is warm I want to wear slippers [flip flop sandals] to class. The school director says that slippers are not enlightened, but my feet say “I want to breathe fresh air!” What should I do?

Guess who wears flip flops every day?

Oh my Lady Gaga.

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