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The Gospel of Nikon

09.14.09 | 4 Comments

Now a certain camera was ill, Nikon of Huzhou, the village of ellis and her blog Plate of Wander. It was ellis whose Nikon had been saturated in the 2009 Flood of Apartment 605. So ellis went to her minder and miracle-worker Violet saying “Violet, he whom I love is ill at your hand.” But when Violet heard it she said, “This illness is not unto death; though it is our shoddy plumbing, this is for the glory of our school, so that our school may exercise its power, regain face and may be glorified by means of it.”

Now ellis loved Huzhou Technical Vocational College; they had always treated her incredibly well. But photography was her source of sanity and outlet for creativity, and now she had no Nikon, so she said “Let us buy a Nikon again.” But her conscience said to her, “ellis, the first Nikon was robbed at knife point, this is your second, and are you buying one again?” Ellis answered, “Are there not 5,000 renminbi in a monthly paycheck? If I walk with a camera, I do not stumble, because I can capture the light of the world. But if I walk with no camera, I stumble, because the light is not in me. This light is worth many thousands of Yuan.”

Thus she spoke, and then she said to her co-worker TJ, “Without Nikon my soul will sleep, so I go to keep my soul awake. Nikon is dead; and for my own sake, I must go to Shanghai and find another.” TJ, the Taobao expert, said to ellis, “I will also help you look next week on Taobao, where it will be cheaper, that I may replace your Nikon.”

Now when Monday came, Nikon had been presumed entombed four days. Ellis had gone to the school and said, “School, if you had built quality pipes, my camera would not have died. And now I know that if I ask you to pay for a new camera, you will give it to me.” The school said to her, “Your camera will rise again.” Ellis said to the school, “I know that I can find another on Taobao before I go to Korea.” The school said to her, “Though your camera died, it yet shall live. Do you believe this?”

Ellis did not. Ellis came to where Violet was and fell at her feet, saying to her, “Violet, if the school had built good plumbing, my camera would not have died.” When Violet saw ellis weeping over Skype to her father, she was deeply moved and troubled. So come Monday morning, she called ellis and said “They have fixed him.” Ellis said, “Where have you laid it?” Violet said to her, “Ellis, come and see.”

Ellis, deeply moved, came to Violet’s office. Violet said to her, “Did I not tell you that if you would believe you would see the glory of Huzhou Technical Vocational College?” And Ellis lifted the camera to her eyes and said, “Violet, I thank thee that thou has helped me.” When she had said this, she cried with a loud voice, “Nikon, turn on.” The camera turned on, its date and time reset, the pictures still on the memory card [this one taken in desperate hope that Nikon lived. Not edited in any way].
ruination salvation
Ellis pressed the shutter button, which clicked with life.

And ellis saw the light, that it was good; and Nikon divided the light from the darkness.

*Disclaimer: I realize The Bible is a holy text; this post is not meant to be insulting, blasphemous, or belittling to the Bible, nor do I aim to mock any belief system. I am using this passage from the Gospel of John as a work of literature on which to base my writing, something I also did when writing a poem for Hu Jintao based on the works of Doctor Seuss (and no, I am certainly not drawing comparisons between the two works.)

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